The Running of the Llamas

Hammond, WI

About the event:

For 20 years, The Running of the Llamas was a unique community in Hammond, Wisconsin. The final Running was in 2016, this is now an archival site. We would like to thank the llamas, their owners, handlers and fans for making this an extraordinary community event that will be remembered fondly for years to come.


The streets of Hammond come to life with a full day of llama-themed activities for young and old alike. The main event is an actual llama race; main street is blocked off as llamas and their handlers race for bragging rights and a bucket of salad greens. Started as a one-time customer appreciation event, the Running of the Llamas has taken on a life of its own and is even spotlighted in a community mural painted on the side of the village library building. The event now draws thousands of people to this small rural town.

The actual race itself starts at 3 p.m. as twelve llamas vie for the chance to take home the biggest basket of veggies. There will be three llamas in each of four heats with the winners of each heat running in a final face-off to determine the champion. A bonus alpaca heat adds to the fun! Click here for the New York Times coverage of the 2014 Running!

Saturday, September 10, 2016 marks the 20th annual  – and final – Running of the Llamas!


The Running of the Llamas: 3:00pm

Craft Vendors: 11am-4pm

Food Vendors: 11am-7pm

DJ music 12-7

Parade: 2:30pm

Little Tykes Train rides throughout the day

Please note: for safety reasons,  nodog dogs are NOT allowed at this event. 

One thought on “About the event:

  1. I think that you should add a running of the llamas royalty who promotes the event at parades. Maybe instead of using individuals in high school have it be older individuals who want to support both the event and the town

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